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About Chinwinyou

Katherine Chin- Chinwinyou Fashion designer
Chinwinyou Award winning Artist, award winning artwork
Awardwinning artwork on towel.png

What is Chinwinyou?

Chinwinyou is an online sustainable clothing brand for sportswear, activewear, fashionwear and seasonal gifts for kids, teens and adults by using natural fabrics and recyclable materials with a range of unique products.

High quality prints & environmentally friendly!

Whether you’re heading to exercise, do it in style. Chinwinyou has offered fashionable (and functional) activewear. Each order is carefully handmade in the UK,

My Story

We are award winning artists:

As I am a professional teacher, I have taught my child and we have won first and many other prizes in an international children's art competition. Her artwork was the best, she is a very creative artist. Great successes stem from a high flow of creativity: a previous art competition called "Look & Learn" gave multiple awards and cash prizes to us. Because of these talents, I have fallen in love with art and want to live with it. So I have founded my brand and name "Chinwinyou"

 Why Shop At Chinwinyou

For my concept, I focus on my imagination and try to create unique fashion designs in many different styles that you cannot find anywhere else. I also use my ORIGINAL artworks and ORIGINAL graphic designs on many products, so I let my imagination go wild! 

Why i build my brand -Chinwinyou

 "I am Katherine Chin, a talented and experienced graphic designer. My artwork and graphic design are an accepted portfolio by Amazon and many other market places worldwide" Shop high-quality unique activewears at Chinwinyou. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women and kids. *Chinwinyou products vary right from Infant-wear to adult-wear in all segments. All fashion styles are designed by me"Katherine Chin" The creative Artist; designer, creator and founder of “Chinwinyou” in 2022  

My Aim As A Fashion Designer

I just like making beautiful things, I believe that beautiful things make people happy. The more I do the more I feel good and want to create more fashion designs as much as I can. My designs are aimed to help inspire you and your kids to be active, healthy and stand out from the crowd with our clothing and unique apparel. A range of elegant, inspirational and innovative designs. Please choose any style you like on Chinwinyou stores and wear it proudly!

"Design is an imagination

of thoughts made visual"
     - Katherine Chin

Awardwinning artwork on towel.png

I Sell Premium Quality Products

All products are quality handmade. Chinwinyou activewear is designed for day to day wear. Great vibrant designs, high-quality textiles and long-lasting. Buy with confidence. Perfect for lounging about at home. Go Out Swimming,  jogging, do yoga, Pilates and more. Those afternoon walks. Heading to playgroup and playing with your little ones with your favourite dress or tee!   

Use FSC Certified Materials

I have opened my stores on "CONTRADO" which I use to create and design my looks with a range of 100% vegan,  biodegradable and organic products as well as items that we produce from recycled materials. We source from the UK and EU where possible and use FSC certified materials.

Fruity T-shirts to order. Gifts for everyone and family. Designed By Katherine Chin at Chinwinyou store

How Your T-Shirt Be Made

1. Printing: The T-shirt which you order from gets printed onto transfer paper in the shape of the t-shirt pattern.


2. Flatbed Printer: The transfer paper is taken to our flatbed printer where it is laid atop your chosen fabric. The flatbed then uses heat, pressure and time to bond the inks into the fabric, creating a long-lasting permanent print.


3. Cutting: The t-shirt pieces are carefully cut from the fabric so they can be sewn together.


4. Sewing & Stitching: The t-shirt pieces are expertly stitched together with your chosen thread colour using multiple techniques to create a high-quality shirt that will last.


5. Quality Control: The "CONTRADO" quality team checks the final t-shirt to ensure that it meets their standards.


6. Packing & Shipping: Finally, your new shirt is folded, packed and sent straight to your front door.

7. And the last step? Wear your new t-shirt, designed by me and completely handmade here in London, UK.

Buy Chinwinyou Products From CONTRADO Order Here >>

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Autumn tote bag and cushion
Chinwinyou Beach tote bag
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